Thursday, 10 December 2009

Q4. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Louisa and I designed our campaign website to help disadvantage and abused young children so this is the social group we are trying to represent on the site. Most people know of a child/baby who has been affected or they have their own personal experience of being abused as a child, so my website is to further raise awareness for everyone about what is happening to young children and babies and to help put a stop to it. There are also many websites supporting this which Louisa and I have studied.

All the pictures that have been added to my website are young children, shown by Louisa’s younger sister photographed at different ages, representing children who have been abused and who we have helped and given a new life. There are pictures of her when she is sad and upset, but also happy after we have shown to have helped as a charity and saved from an abusive and violent background. On our website layout we used bright colours as this is a website that helps young children, and so we wanted to connote a happy atmosphere with in our organisation onto the website making them feel as comfortable as possible.

Some people might expect that a website like this would have images to shock people into helping people such as those used in the NSPCC adverts but after carrying out our research we realised that campaign sites used positive iconography to show how they had helped victims rather than showing the victims before their interventions. I think this is because people visiting the site will already be interested in the charity and know the issues, so the site is a place for a more positive atmosphere to provide more information and thank people for ebing involved.

These are some of the images I used in my website to represent a child whose life has been changed due to our charity and donations -


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    There are very few illustrations of your investigation and no evidence of your survey as pie charts and comment on what you discovered. The initial work on investigating websites needs to be there too.
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    12 iii. Who is your audience
    13 iv. How do you attract an audience
    14 v. Website distribution
    15 vi. What have you learned about technology
    16 vii. What have you learned in the progression from first site to main site

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