Thursday, 10 December 2009

Q6. What Have You Learnt About The Technologies From the Process of Constructing This Product?

By using a web design product to create my media product I have learnt to do several things that I have never done before, as I am new to the "iweb" software and the Macs.
"iWeb" is an Apple software program created to help design fully functional website and is known as WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) software because you only 'design' the site, you don't have to learn how to work the html code although if you can you can do a lot more with the site.

New skills that I have learnt include photoshoping images and text to make my website look more professional and to stand out more as a fully functional working website. I was able to crop and edit all my photographs and I was able to make my logo using PS.

I have also learnt to create a website from scratch, using no templates and deciding on my own structure and colour scheme related to my campaign - Babies and young children. I have also learnt that planning your website and designing the details before definitely helps when it comes to actually designing your website.

I was also introduced to Final Cut Express while designing this site as I had to edit the video.

From this project I was able to develop my skills in PhotoShop, iWeb and Final Cut software and learn how they work together to create a complete package. I was also able to learn how to use blogger and upload my research for regular feedback from my teacher, the 'client' for the website. Of course I also developed my web research skills and ability to present work creatively for this level of project. I still think I have more to learn though.

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