Friday, 2 October 2009

Website Distribution

Web Hosting -
Web hosting is a type of internet service that allows individuals or organisations to make a website and for it to be accessable through the World Wide Web. They provide a server as well as internet connectivity in a data centre. Web hosts can also provide internet conectivity for servers they do not own in their data centre, called colocation.

Domain Name -
A domain name is a an identification label that defines a realm of authority or control on the internet, based on the Domain Name System (DNS). Domain names are also used as simple identifications that are easy to remember to numerically addressed internet resoures. This allows the website to be moved to a different location globally, on a local intranet or in a network.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Survey Results and Audience Profile

Figure seven - Most Popular Charity?
Figure eight - How often do you read newspapers?

Figure Five - Gender
Figure Six- Relationship Status

Figure Three - Nationality
Figure Four - How much do you earn a year?

Figure Two - What are the websites viewed for?

Figure One - Popular Websites

Our survey results will help us to choose which charity to produce, from our results we see that most people would donate their money to 'Children In Need' so we based our ideas around that.
BBC and Facebook were the most viewed and popular websites so we will making 'Babies In Need' accessible through both of these websites, fundraising events will also be posted.
The Mirror is the most popular viewed newspaper so we will advertise or get some coverage in this newspaper as this would raise awareness of our charity. Females were shown to view charity websites more than men, so we have planned our colour scheme to target women more than men.