Thursday, 10 December 2009

Q7. What Do you think you have learnt in progression from your preliminary task to the full product?

From starting my preliminary website earlier in the year I have learnt to carry out things differently in my fully produced charity website.
After our first task to create a website for a school, I feel my skills have come a long way. Simple things such as working out how to use the program Photoshop and IWeb have helped my second website develop.

Things such as the layout have to look proffessional with the same template used on all the pages stopping the website from looking messy or not inviting. Simple things like a navigation bar at the left hand side of the page gave the website a more professional look. We were able to include a variety of different hyperlinks which was different to what our preliminary website had. Also to add to the professionalism of our website we used pictures which were of high quality with the help of the programme photoshop. I feel as I have got used to using all these programmes that the end finish of our website is at a high and professional standard. Especially as the audience is based on people donating or giving help. This is our template used on every page:

The colour scheme has worked well thought out and everything on the website has to be in contrast and look professional. Even the position of images, page links and the description on each page must be planned out properly. I am proud of Louisa and I for our progress in developing our charity website. I think it's a good first attempt at building a website and we would find building another one much more straightforward. Now that we understand the conventions and how to use the software, we could be much more creative and work much faster on the next project.

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