Thursday, 10 December 2009

Q3. How Did You Attract/Address Your Audience?

As we wanted to attract women who either have children or who are at the age where they could have children, we have used a professional looking and conventional media product to attract them. We believe the name of the charity is a key way of attracting the target audience because 'Babies in Need' is very specific.

Young children are also part of our audience because we would be aiming to run events that they would get involved in with the support of their parents so it was important that site was also appealing and accessible to them. They are attracted to our media product because of our friendly pages and layout but mostly our multiple colour scheme.

For our colour scheme we used multicoloured page links shown above, and the title was also multicoloured, matching the page links.

The target audience are also encouraged to use the site because they know that their details or money given to donate is strictly confidential.

Different images of Louisa's younger sister have been used with permission to catch an adults eye and to represent the children they are about to help. We used pictures from when she was a baby until now to show how she has developed happily with our support.

We used emotive and persuasive language on all pages with a direct mode of address, which also attracts the children because they are persuaded by what they see and what they read.

The video placed on the home page features Louisa's sister on a swing and we are still hoping to add music behind that which will further evoke an emotional reaction to the site. We have used scrolling facts in the video to make our audience aware of what we do.

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